Why being a Champion in 2020 will be that much more meaningful, because you had to work harder and do it in less races!


Originally, our Championship Night was going to take place in September and then celebrate with all the teams, fans and sponsors in November. Then that race fell through and we were quickly scrambling to determine next steps.  We are an owners organization, so we put it to a vote.  Owners voted that we should still recognize and celebrate a season champion and do so at our annual Owner/Driver Meeting. So, the plan changed from November to October at which time we will celebrate Steve Stout of Acme Racing and Trent Stephens with a smaller group, safely distancing and following COVID-19 social gathering protocols.

Jeff Lickfelt is our Race Director.  But another very important role Jeff plays in the Supermodified world, is that he is the “Stat Man” and he does one mighty fine job!  So let us present Trent’s impressive Supermodified racing career with the help of Jeff Lickfelt.      

Combining the “Ohio” lists together (meaning, MSA+MSS), Trent has had:

   – “Fast Time” (top qualifier) 18 times

   – 22 Heat wins

   – 22 Feature Wins …. (13 Sandusky, 3 Lorain County, 2 Toledo, and one each at Oswego, Midvale, Flat Rock, and Motordrome)

Considering ISMA in the mix, Trent has 25 total feature wins (the 3 ISMA wins being 2015 Sandusky Fast 40, July 2016 at Oswego, and the 2017 Lancaster race).

This means the distribution of Trent’s 25 wins (MSA+MSS+ISMA) were … 14 Sandusky, 3 Lorain County, 2 Toledo, 2 Oswego, and one each at Midvale, Lancaster, Flat Rock, and Motordrome.

All wins except one (24 out of 25) came in the Steve Stout/ACME Racing #19 … the lone win not with ACME Racing was the last ever MSA Race in Sept 2017 at Sandusky, which he won filling in for his brother Talon in Talon’s #30.

Trent was MSA Champion 4-years in a row … 2011-2012-2013-2014.

   – ACME Racing then ran ISMA in 2015-16-17.

Trent currently has overall lap speed records at two tracks and supermodified records at another two:

   – Midvale Speedway (Ohio) = 11.865 (overall track record)

   – Motordrome Speedway (Pennsylvania) = 15.332 (overall track record)

   – Flat Rock Speedway (Michigan) = 10.449 (supermodified record, but not overall track record)

   – Auto City Speedway (Michigan) = 13.099 (supermodified record, but not overall track record)

Quite an impressive record for our 2020 Champion Trent Stephens #19 of the Steve Stout/Acme Racing Team.  WELL DONE!

Our Social Media team will be celebrating our Champion with Fans and Sponsors with a “virtual” celebration via Facebook sometime in October.  The key to 2020 is and will continue to be flexibility!

We thank everyone for your 2020 support and helping us to celebrate our 2020 MSS Champion!