Trent Stephens Leads Flag to Flag!

Trent Stephens Feature Win @ Sandusky Speedway – Photo By: Jim Davidson

For the last two weeks since the race at Lucas Oil Raceway the talk was the dominating performance by Mike McVetta. After this week, Trent Stephens led all 30 laps in a fast paced feature at Sandusky Speedway.
The field was led to the green flag by brothers Trent and Talon Stephens with Trent jumping out to the lead with Talon following in second and Danny Shirey in third. The top two immediately began to pull away from the rest of the field while a battle was beginning to take shape from 3rd place back to seventh. Rich Reid from his 6th starting position was showing what his independent Bodnar built car was capable of doing as he was all over Shirey for third finally making the pass on lap 14. Then two laps later he was able to get around Talon Stephens for second. By this time Trent Stephens had built up a full straightaway lead with only 15 laps to go. With ten laps to go the top five was Trent Stephens followed by Rich Reid, Dave Shullick Jr., Talon Stephens, and Danny Shirey. The 72 of Shirey was able to get around the 30 of Stephens to take 4th and then Jim Paller went by the Talon a lap later for 5th place. Reid was the fastest car on the track and was slowly catching the high flying 19 but Rich ran out of time as Trent Stephens would take the checkered flag for the win followed by Reid, Shullick, Shirey, and Paller. 
Trent had this to say about his day. “I was not happy with the car today. The guys made a ton of changes just before the feature and the car was fast. It slowed a little the last ten laps, the car was real driveable.
Rich Reid was really happy with his day. “First thing to the Stout campaign a first and third they do a hell of a job getting those cars here and MSS appreciates that. I want to give a shout out to Jim Bodnar, appreciate all of the help and the time that he has given me.”
DJ Shullick had this to say about his run “It was a good run. I knew I had my work cut out for me when I saw the lineup starting on the bottom and a lot of good cars in front of us. I want to thank MSS and the fans coming out tonight. I know these are some trying times, thank you all for supporting us. And thank you to Sandusky Speedway for putting on these shows.
Next race will be at Lorain Raceway Park on July 18th.
Heat 1: 1. Talon Stephens (30) 2. Mike McVetta (22) 3. Dave Shullick Jr. (49) 4. Trent Stephens (19) 5. Denny Fisher (81) 6 Kevin Feeney (5)
Heat 2: 1. Rich Reid (55) 2. Danny Shirey (72) 3. Jim Paller (64) 4. Aric Iosue (75) 5. AJ Lesiecki (88) DNS Cord Ehrhart 0Z
Feature: 1. Trent Stephens (19) 2. Rich Reid (55) 3. Dave Shullick Jr. (49) 4. Danny Shirey (72) 5. Jim Paller (64) 6. Mike McVetta (22) 7. Talon Stephens (30) 8. AJ Leseicki (88) 9. Aric Iosue (75) 10. Denny Fisher (81) 11. Kevin Feeney (5) 12. Cord Ehrhart (0Z)
Fast Qualifier: Dave Shullick Jr.- 14.651

Trent Stephens Family gets honors at the podium – photo by: Jim Davidson