Paller Parks It In Season Finale, Edwards Crowned Season Champion


(64) Paller wins season finale @ Lorain Raceway Park – photo: Jim Davidson

Lorain, OH: Jim Davidson

The stage was set with the Midwest Supermodified Series coming into Lorain Raceway Park with just an 11 point difference between the top two (11) Kyle Edwards and (19) Trent Stephens and a possibility of two spoilers (88) A.J. Lesiecki, (22) Mike McVetta.  The only deterrence on the day was the spotty rain which caused some delays, but track owner Randy Maggio declared the show must go on and traditional time trials skipped. The MSS supers took to the track with better than expected track conditions.  

First-time appearance in a supermodified (36) Kasey Jedrzejek paced the field and did not hesitate taking the lead from (64) Jim Paller on the get-go. Jedrzejek, seemingly to be in veteran form, was building a nice lead, but unfortunately spun out of turn 2 on lap 9. Paller would then inherit the lead with (55) RIch Reid in 2nd, points hunters (19) Trent Stephens in 3rd, followed by (88) A.J. Lesiecki and (11e) Kyle Edwards. On the restart, Edwards would flex some muscle getting by Lesiecki on lap 11, and had his sights on Stephens.  At the midway point, Paller had his hands full with Reid looking for a way around while Edwards looking for a window behind Stephens,  Onlookers would begin to squirm as the race would unfold, would Edwards catch Stephens? Would Lesiecki return to battle? With 8 laps remaining, 2nd caution for Jedrzejek spin in turn 2 would diminish his comeback, but the final stage was set for a shoot out. On the restart, Paller would not be denied, Stephens defended Edwards charge and when the checkered waved, Paller won the day, Edwards cleared the 2021 championship by only 4 points ahead of Stephens.  

Special Thanks to our host Lorain Raceway Park for getting it done!  Also special thanks to Adkins Glass for continued bike giveaway to each race this year.  Quest Restoration for their support with the Last Car Running benefit. 4th Turn Crazies – Hard Charger sponsorship.  CMC Trucking & Perfection Fabricators for the series sponsorship.   Thank you to MSS staff for their undying devotion to the series. To all the special sponsors & T-shirt sponsor and to all the BEST FANS in the LAND.

Race Results:

Fastest Hot lap:  12.377 (49) Dave Shullick Jr.

Heat 1 Results (10 laps): (30) Talon Stephens, (36) Kasey Jedrzejek, (11e) Kyle Edwards, (22) Mike McVetta, (49) Dave Shullick Jr., (55) Rich Reid, (39) Jason Wells, (38) JD Evans.

Heat 2 Results (10 laps):  (64) Jim Paller, (19) Trent Stephens, (32) Moe Lilje, (88) A.J. Lesiecki, (8) Kyle Capodice, (92) Larry Lehnert, (81) Denny Fisher.

Feature Results (30 laps) – Paller, Reid, Trent Stephens, Edwards, Lilje, Lesiecki, Talon Stephens, Capodice, Fisher, Jedrzejek, Shullick Jr., Evans, Wells, Lehnert.  (McVetta-DNS)

Quest Restoration – Last Car Running – (81) Denny Fisher

4th Turn Crazies-  Hard Charger – (81) Denny Fisher 

Track Notes: Feature lineup determined by points with 8 car inversion.  (22) McVetta – DNS due to broken rocker, (49) Shullick Jr. – too loose, (92) Lehnert – failed torque arm, (39) Wells – radiator problem, (38) Evans – bad vibration issue.

Our MSS Junior Grand Marshall recipient-Jase
Our MSS Junior Grand Marshall recipient-Jase
Adkins Glass Bike winner - Jazlynn
Adkins Glass Bike winner – Jazlynn
Quest Restoration-Last Running Car Recipeint & 4th Turn Crazy’s Hard Charger: Denny FisherQuest Restoration-Last Running Car Recipeint & 4th Turn Crazy’s Hard Charger: Denny Fisher