Todd Ridgeway
MSS Media
July 7, 2018
SANDUSKY(OH) – Making their first appearance at Midvale and Lorain County Speedway’s, the Ohio
based Midwest Supermodified Series (MSS) contested their third ever race last Saturday night at the
buckeye state’s “Home of the Supermodified” Sandusky Speedway. And in the end, it would produce a
third different winner, this go round to veteran driver Jim Paller. Starting inside second row Paller would
get a head of steam and barrel by both Mike McVetta and then leader AJ Lesiecki on the fifth lap
stretching it out, and then holding off the field to capture the 30-lap contest.
“The car was really good,” said Paller. “I mean, I was able to get through the openings, I went to the
outside and it stuck. I had a little scare there in the center of turn four one time. I think I got into
something because the car got a little squirrely and almost jumped out from under me. I just kept the gas
on and kept on going. Everything going on with the MSS is good, the people, and the racing, it has been
an enjoyable time,” finished the race winning driver.
An all May Motorsports front row as Lesiecki and Preston Walker would bring the field of fire breathing
winged warriors to the start and blast into turn one. Lesiecki would fire to the point from the outside
bringing McVetta along from the outside second row. Walker would watch from third as the front two
blistered away in a vapor trail setting a torrid early pace with Paller in fourth. Paller would blow by
Walker and start his hunt of the front two the very next lap. By lap four he was there as you could throw a
blanket over the top three. Coming to complete lap five Paller shifted gears and by the return trip to the
flag stand he had disposed of the front two and opened up by five car lengths. Just before halfway the first
of two yellows would fly for a slow car. Back green and off went Paller. Not wanting to let Paller get
away, McVetta would slip inside Lesiecki and move to second chasing after the leader. The second
yellow dropped just a fist full of laps from the finish when Larry Lehnert spun in turn one. A quick push
off and realignment and off the field went back green flag conditions. Paller would control the start and
fire off, but this time McVetta was right there within striking distance. The strike never came as Paller
inched out and sailed under the checkered flag McVetta and Lesiecki followed. Midvale winner Trent
Stephens finished fourth after coming to the pits under both yellows and coming from the tail twice,
Lorain winner Danny Shirey rounded out the top five. McVetta and Stephens triumphed in the heat races
and Stephens also set Fast Time with a lap of 14.693.
“Just one spot short, but for a brand-new car we cannot complain finishing on the podium,” noted
McVetta. “Unfortunately, gremlins got us a little behind there at the end we were running so hot. I think I
was better than Paller, I just did not want to push it, it was not worth scattering. Hats off to the guys
giving me a great car, it looks like it is going to be a threat once we get it dialed in. It can only get better
from here. This new series is good, Dave and Lori May, and Rich Reid stepping up. It is great to have a
place to run in your back yard,” finished McVetta.
“Well we were a little shy at the beginning early in the going,” said Lesiecki. “We just didn’t have quit
enough to catch those top two. This MSS is great, as an owner of one car, and a driver of another car I
think it is great. I think it will keep going for quit a long time,” finished Lesiecki.