Midwest Supermodified Series is humbled by all of the generosity and well wishes in wanting to see local supermodified racing be successful.  We are encouraged by the showing of support so far with two brand new teams Ed & Rose Cote #39 Owners along with E-Mod driver Jason Wells and Randy Wedell #71 Owner/Driver.  Coming out of “retirement” this year will be Joe Gillingham #5 Owner/Danny Shirey Driver and Wayne and Beth Palmer #21 Owners and son/driver Matt Palmer. Look for all of your favorites Supermodifieds from last year, returning again this year with the exception of one, the Henes Family. They have decided to focus on their son’s /grandchildren’s racing careers.  Ron, Nancy, Jon and JJ you will ALL be terribly missed. Hopefully we will see that bright orange #36 back at the track one of these days, we can only HOPE!

Speaking of generosity, here is what car owners can look forward to each race, this year in addition to our racing purse:

  • Free Right Rear Hoosier Tire – Courtesy of Hoosier Tire East, Inc.  5th on back positions of prior race (so for our first race will be from 9/16/17 Sandusky -#77, #55, #14, #92, #44, #81) that will be eligible for drawing at Owner/Driver’s Meeting.

  • $200 – MSS “Checkbook” Courtesy of Sponsors. Again, 5th on back positions of prior race, same as above.

  • Heat Winners 1st $25, 2nd $15 and 3rd $10  – Courtesy of Dennis and Randy Nader #64 Team

  • $100 Lucky “7” Feature Place Winner – Courtesy of our PR/Social Media Team; Tim Church, Jim Davidson & Kevin Sears.

And for the first race only, to help kick off our racing season, we will have:

  • Free Right Rear Hoosier Tire Give-A-Way:  Courtesy of Wayne and Sue Paller. (All First Race Participants will be eligible for drawing at Owner/Driver’s Meeting.)

Thanks to each and every one of you for your support!

We would also like to thank the following for their support:

  • Jim and Devin Paller, owners of both CMC Trucking and #64 supermodified race team (and also last year’s Midwest Supermodified Champion), for sponsoring our racing series.

  • Randall, Courtney and Spencer Adkins for sponsoring Bike Giveaways,  Mark Miller #44 Owner/Driver for purchasing all the checkered flags for the Junior Marshall Program, Talon & Nicole Stephens #30 Owner/Driver for Frisbee donation.  All great programs that hopefully will help to build our youth fan base.

  • Bob Zirzow for his generous donation of our officials Radios.

  • Kevin & Bev Jaycox of Sandusky Speedway, Kevin and Michelle Bonnema of Lorain County Speedway, Chris Tolloty, John and Kelly Chapman of Midvale Speedway and Dave Duncan Lucas Motor Speedway 9/29 Event Track Promoter for putting us on your 2018 race schedules.  Every new racing series building a reputation needs a little help and we are so appreciative of you giving us a chance.

  • Jeff and Dawna Lickfelt-Race Directors, Denny Watson-Technical Inspector and Dan Zirzow-Pit Steward for their continued support as Midwest Supermodifieds officials.

 And lastly to our PR/Social Media Team, Tim Church, Jim Davidson and Kevin Sears.  We are so very lucky to have these guys’ on our team.  Two of which will be traveling from Chicago for each of our events.  The endless hours and monetary donations with Junior Marshall Program Certificates/Set of Racing Flags, Signing, Schedule Cards, Electronic Equipment for MSS Live, and so much more … all so very much appreciated.  Talk about truly making a difference, that is these THREE!!!

So, if Mother Nature will just cooperate, we would really like to get our first race in so we can hear the engines roar, smell the alcohol and listen to our dedicated announcers Bob and Doug Neubauer entertain everyone!

This is a local racing organization “owned” by the car owners, so we need each other and you to help us be successful.  Thanks everyone and we hope to see you at the races!

MSS Support Team