McVetta Masters Lorain Speedway


  Mike McVetta took a brand new car that has only raced twice competitively and won at Lorain County Speedway, and in the process the point race took a dramatic turn as well. A total of 14 cars took the green flag but was immediately slowed due to a ragged start. With the lineup reset the green once again fell and just like the last time in the June race at LCS, Danny Shirey took off with the lead. But on lap two the yellow was out for the McVetta owned number 2 driven by Dan Strohsack slowed and rolled back to the pits. His first ever feature in a super would be done.

During the caution Jonathon Lesiecki would go in to the pits but he would return. Point leader, Jim Paller was moving up from his sixth starting spot but the yellow would come out again for the 71 of Randy Wedell, when he overheated and dumped water on the track. After three laps the top five would be Danny Shirey, Denny Fisher in his first race of the year, AJ Lesiecki, Mike McVetta, and Kenny Sharp. During the caution, the 64 of Jim Paller came down pit road. The crew worked on the front suspension and Paller rejoined the field.

On the restart, the 77 got by the 81 of Denny Fisher and started to reel in the 5 of Danny Shirey. Suddenly, the 64 slowed and headed towards the pit area and was finished for the night. AJ was able to catch and pass Shirey and started to build a healthy lead. But it was McVetta who was moving and quickly got around Shirey and soon was on the back bumper of the 77. After a few laps of trying to get around the 77, Mike made the move and took over the point on lap 16 and quickly built up a big lead. The biggest scare of the night was when Jake Smith on lap 18 had a fire erupt on his number 12 supermodified. Jake would get out of the car unhurt, but the motor had expired. The red flag would come out and a lengthy clean up would take place. Once the field would be pushed off and the race restarted, Mike would go back to work and quickly build up another huge lead. When the checkered flag would fall it was all Mike McVetta. He would be followed to the line by AJ Lesiecki, Shirey, Fisher, and Sharp rounding out the top five. Mike was really happy with his new car. He said “It’s just unreal! The guys just gave me such a good car! Thanks for all of the fans coming out.” When asked about the point race. “It’s going to be close; Jimmy and I are close friends, nobody I’d rather be running up against for that championship.” AJ was satisfied with a second place finish. “We’re getting better. I am really happy with this. Mike does a great job that’s a brand new car and comes out here fielding two cars everyone has a little catching up to do. Other MSS winners include Adkin”s Glass bike winner was Bobby but he was too shy to give his last name and the Junior Grand Marshall winner was Brison Johnson. 

Heat Race 1: 1. McVetta (22), 2. AJ Lesiecki (77) 3. Shirey (5) 4. J. Lesiecki (14) 5. Lehnert (92) 6. Strohsack (2) 7. Wedell (71) 8. Walker (7) Heat Race 2: 1. Paller (64), 2. Fisher (81) 3. Reid (55) 4. Sharp (36) 5. Smith (12) 6. Miller (44) 7. Wells (39) 8. Palmer (21) Feature: 1. McVetta (22), 2. AJ Lesiecki, (77) 3. Shriey (5) 4. Fisher (81), 5. Sharp (36), 6. Reid (55), 7. Lehnert (92), 8. Miller (44), 9. Smith (12), 10. Jonathon Lesiecki (14), 11. Paller (64), 12. Wedell (71), 13. Palmer (21), 14. Strohsack (2) DNS: Wells (39) Broken Axle and Walker (7) broken axle 

Written by: Tim Church