(Sandusky, OH) – During the off season JW Racing made one of the most talked about moves, they purchased a Jim Bodnar designed and built supermodified. That purchase is already paying off for the team. They have finished in the top five of all three races they have entered the car.
The May Motorsports team of Preston Walker and AJ Lesiecki led the field to the green flag as AJ grabbed the lead going into turn one while the 64 of Jim Paller quickly went around Walker for second and by lap five, Paller went around Lesiecki to take the lead. Mike McVetta, driving his brand new creation, got around the Walker to take over third place. McVetta and AJ battled for several laps for second place, but in the meantime Jim Paller was creating a straight away advantage and appeared to be running away to the win. Everything changed on lap twelve when coming out of turn four, Paller appeared to spin but was able to hold on and a discretionary yellow was thrown to check the track for possible fluid. During the yellow flag the 19 of Trent Stephens went into the pits to make a repair on the wing and the 71 of Randy Wedell for a possible oil leak. Stephens would come back on to the track and the 71 would be done for the night. When the race went back to green, McVetta went to the inside of Lesiecki to take over second place and at the same time the 19 started to flex his muscle and moved in to fourth place. Paller and McVetta were clearly the two fastest cars on the track and were pulling away from the rest of the field. McVetta could close on Paller but could not mount a serious challenge. Another caution would come out for the spinning 92 of Larry Lehnert and would bunch up the field, to set up one more chance for the 22 to make a run on Paller but it was not to be. When the green came back out the 64 quickly took off to resume the lead. With just 5 to go the 7 of Preston Walker went to the pits dropping him out from getting a solid top five finish for the rookie. When the checkered flag fell, it was Paller, McVetta, AJ Lesiecki, Stephens, and Shirey rounding out the top five.
Jim Paller was very happy with his win in victory lane. Paller said they were fighting a tight car all day long but made changes and they turned out to be the right ones. He also said they are learning the car and are looking forward to Lorain County Speedway. Mike McVetta was equally happy as well, saying it was great to be on the podium with a brand new car which before Saturday had only 30 laps on it. The motor was getting a little too hot so he had to back off but all in all a good run. AJ was happy with third place saying he would’ve liked to have been a couple places ahead but he’s looking forward racing Lorain County Speedway on August 4.

Fast Qualifier- Trent Stephens 14.693
Heat Race 1: 1. Trent Stephens, 2. Jim Paller, 3. Preston Walker, 4.Jason Wells, 5.Jonathon Lesiecki
Heat Race 2: 1. Mike McVetta, 2. AJ Lesiecki, 3. Danny Shirey, 4. Larry Lehnert, 5. Rich Reid
Feature: 1. Jim Paller (64) 2. Mike McVetta (22) 3. AJ Lesiecki (77) 4. Trent Stephens (19) 5. Danny Shirey (5) 6. Larry Lehnert (92) 7. Preston Walker (7) 8. Jason Wells (39) 9. Randy Wedell (71) 10. Jonathon Lesiecki (14) 11. Rich Reid (55)