Kyle Edwards (11e) – Feature Winner @ the Zoo! photo by: Jim Davidson

May 30, 2021 – Kalamazoo, Michigan – Kyle Edwards (11e) tamed the supermodified’s 35 lap feature with Must See Racing Series – American Speed U.S. Nationals event.  From the start, the shootout between 6-time Oswego Classic champion, Greg Furlong (1) and Kyle Edwards was intense on the 3/8mile oval. Edwards kept the pressure on Furlong and was able to find the window on lap 11.  Unfortunately Furlong’s night ended with a dire crash into turn 2 while chasing Edwards. Meanwhile, with 15 laps remaining, fastest qualifier Jim Paller (64) was on the move working his way thru traffic to catch Edwards but fell short along with A.J. Leseicki (88) directly behind him for podium.

There was plenty of action with gassin’ and passin’ as twelve supermodifieds took the track.  While the pack was keeping the gap close and during the Furlong-Edwards shootout up front, the field would see it’s 1st caution on lap 17 due to “Hollywood” Mike McVetta would come to stop on turn 3 & 4.   McVetta would not return due to drive shaft problems.  Not long after restart, 3rd generation pilot JJ Henes(36) would make contact on the turn 4 wall, and he would not be able to return due to heavy damage.  The brisk night took a red flag on lap 20 as fans gasped seeing Furlong hit turn 1-2 wall and finally stopping on short back stretch.  As the cars came to a stop and safety crew shot out to attend Furlong’s rescue, Larry Lehnert (92) super suffered an abrupt oil leak and would be finished for the evening.  When safety crew gave the go-ahead, the 11e Edwards in his Bodnar chassis hung on for the win while Paller had him on his sights. 


Everyone at Midwest Supermodified Series would like to give SPECIAL THANKS to:

  • James Valentine ($200) for Fastest Qualifier – Jim Paller (64)
  • Adkins Glass for the kids’ bike giveaway for our special fan guest Junior!
  • Quest Restoration ($150) for Last Car Running recipient – Jonathon Lesiecki (8)
  • 4th Turn Crazies ($100) for Hard Charger recipient – Jim Paller (64)
  • Kevin Lincoln ($100) for 5th fastest qualifier recipient – A.J. Lesiecki (88)
  • Doug Edwards (4x$50) gift certificates for All Star Performance
  • MSS Honorary Junior Grand Marshall – Char! 

The Midwest Supermodified Series will take the action to Sandusky Speedway on July 3rd.

Fastest Qualifier: Jim Paller 11:231

Feature Finish: 

  1. Kyle Edwards (11)
  2. Jim Paller (64)
  3. A.J. Lesiecki (88)
  4. Rich Reid (55)
  5. Trent Stephens (19)
  6. Jonathon Lesiecki (8)
  7. Greg Furlong (1)
  8. Lerry Lehnert (92)
  9. Mike McVetta (22)
  10. JJ Henes (36)
  11. Talon Stephens (30)
  12. JD Evans (38)
Top 3 from left: Jim Paller (64), Kyle Edwards (11e), A.J. Leseicki (88) – photo by: Jim Davidson
James Valetine's Fastest Qualifier - Jim Paller (64) 11.231
James Valetine’s Fastest Qualifier – Jim Paller (64) 11.231
Adkins Glass Bike giveaway recipient - Junior!
Adkins Glass Bike giveaway recipient – Junior!
Our MSS Junior Grand Marshall recipient - Char!
Our MSS Junior Grand Marshall recipient – Char!
Quest Restoration - Last Running Car - Jonathon Lesiecki (8)
Quest Restoration – Last Running Car – Jonathon Lesiecki (8)
Kevin Lincoln's 5th Fastest Qualifier - A.J. Lesiecki (88)
Kevin Lincoln’s 5th Fastest Qualifier – A.J. Lesiecki (88)