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By: Tim Church

    The Midwest Supermodified Series has announced they will be raffling one bike at each of the six races on the schedule this year.  Lori May issued this statement.  “The goal of MSS is to be closer to the fans and help get our future generation of fans to the track.  An idea that surfaced from our recent MSS season kick off meeting was to give a bike away.  It wasn’t but a half an hour following the meeting that Rich Reid received a text from Randall Adkins stating they would like to donate kids bike for each of our MSS races!  And just like that, an idea became a reality.  Thanks to Randall, Courtney, and Spencer.  We have not finalized the details of the bike giveaway yet.  But just know on behalf of Adkins Glass we will be giving away to one young lucky winner a bicycle at each of the MSS races.

    Randall Adkins is a huge believer in doing things for the kids and getting them involved.  “They are the future”.  Randall said, “That’s how my son got involved in racing QTR midgets.  So if my family can put a smile on one kid’s face at a race then we accomplished what we set out to do.”  Randall has been a fan of supermodifieds for about twenty-five to thirty years.  He says that “the cars are one of a kind and the best short track cars to watch in the world.  He went on the say.  “So to be able to do any kind of support to keep them alive and going is what my family will do.  I believe what Rich and Lori and everyone is a great thing and I will stand behind and with them 100%.”