We want to capture a few thoughts as we close out the Midwest Supermodified Series inaugural first season. First we would like to thank everyone that attended our Year End Celebration this past weekend. Bob and Doug Neubauer the official voices of MSS, did a fantastic job as our Emcee’s. The evening was filled with celebration and camaraderie, just like our first season!

We would like to recognize and congratulate:

The following teams:
Our champion Mike McVetta with #22 McVetta Racing.
2nd Place Jim Paller with #64 Paller Racing.
3rd Place AJ Lesiecki with #77 May Motorsports.
4th Jonathon Lesiecki with #14 AJD Racing
5th Danny Shirey with #5 Joe Gillingham Racing

The following individuals:
Rookie of the Year - Preston Walker
Hard Charger Award - Mike McVetta
Most Laps Completed - Mike McVetta 
Most Popular Driver – Mike McVetta
Best Appearing Car – Talon Stephens

We would like to thank:
Season Sponsor Jim and Devin Paller of CMC Trucking, which by the way are stepping up to participate with a sponsorship again in 2019.
All of our T-Shirts Sponsors- Adkins Glass, Boze’s Bar, CMC Trucking, Cowboyz Chrome Big Rig Shop, Edward’s Mobile Mower Repair, FKN Performance, Frank May Garage, Level Performance, Ninke Lawn Services, Precision Welding, RAM Engineering, Smith’s Top Notch, Star Lanes, Steel Plate, TNT Fabrication, Town Money Saver and Wedell Express. 
Special thanks to both Rich Reid for putting this program together (which he will be doing again in 2019) and Diana Lesiecki for taking time out on race day to sell everything.
Bob Zirzow Town Money Saver – Donation of our MSS Radios.
Adkins Glass – Randal, Courtney & Spencer Adkins – Bike Giveaway. Which by the way they have already stated will be helping us out again in 2019 with this program!
Precision Welding – Dennis and Randy Nader $100 Each Race for Heat Winners. Again, they want to support this program again in 2019!
Hoosier Tire Northeast – Irish Saunders and Robbie Summers for all of their support.
Social Media Team (Tim Church, Jim Davidson & Kevin Sears) – $100 Lucky “7” Feature Winner each event
Wayne & Sue Paller / Owners of the #64 Team – Free RR First Race and Paid for Hall Rental Kick Off Season Meeting/Party
Mark Miller Owner of the #44 Team– Donation of Checkered Flags for our Junior Marshall Program
Kevin Sears – Use of his own personal equipment for MSS Live Videos, Junior Grand Marshal Set of Flags, and Certificate for each race.
Talon & Nicole Stephens / Owners of the #30 Team – Frisbee Donation
Perfection Fabricators - Dave & Karen Ennes – Countless hours helping teams with fabrication work.
Social Media Team: Tim Church – Facebook/Race Recaps/MSS Live / Jim Davidson – Photographer and Webmaster / Kevin Sears – Junior Grand Marshall Program / MSS Live.
MSS Officials: Jeff Lickfelt - Race Director / Dawna Lickfelt – Asst. Race Director / Denny Watson / Timmy Sisson – Tech Inspectors / Dan Zirzow – Pit Steward
Special thanks to Jack Smith and Ray Banyas for their help on race day!!!
Our two new 2018 race teams #39 Ed and Rose Cote and #71 Randy Wedell for joining MSS. 
Ben Weiland for cooking pig and very special discount and David May of Frank May Garage for picking up the bill on our dinner for year-end celebration with pig roast.

We would like to especially thank Lorain County Speedway, Midvale Speedway, Sandusky Speedway and Dave Duncan Promoter for Lucas Oil Raceway event for adding us to their 2018 schedules. We got a late start with our 2018 scheduling and we are so appreciative of each of these tracks for the opportunity to race at their venues. We are working on our 2019 schedule now and plan on releasing by the end of December. Get ready for a few surprises!

We will continue to keep MSS Facebook followers engaged during the off season with MSS Live videos along with any updates as we get them. 2019 sponsorships being accepted now and Doug Neubauer coordinating this effort. Please visit our website Sponsorship Info.

MSS would also like to congratulate fellow OHIO team Doug and Kyle Edwards on their 2018 ISMA Championship… good job guy’s and well deserved!

And last but not least all of the car owners and fans… thank you to each and every one of you for attending our races, following us on Facebook and being part of our journey. Cars = Fans = Tracks.



McVetta Wins, Clinches Championship


    Going into the race at Lucas Oil Raceway, Mike McVetta held a narrow 13 point advantage over Jim Paller.  Mike made sure that he took care of business.  He won both his heat race and the feature wrap up the inaugural Midwest Supermodified Series.  But it wasn’t easy.  He had to work through a number of problems during the day.  He had to replace the magneto and also had a fuel line that had pinch off starving the motor of fuel.

    Eighteen supermodifieds took the green flag and Dave McKnight jumped out to the early lead.  But Dave Shullick starting from his seventh position and was in front by lap four.  AJ Lesiecki found his way to second and running very well.  With a lot of racing going on throughout the field, Talon Stephens found himself in third place by lap seven.  The yellow came out on lap nine when the 55 of Rich Reid had the rear axle break and sent him in to the back straight wall.  Rich was ok, but his race was over for the night.  The top five at this time was Shullick, AJ Lesiecki, Talon Stephens, Jim Paller, and Mike Lichty.  During the yellow, the number 77 stopped on the front stretch and he was pushed back to the pits.  He was pushed back out and restarted at the tail of the field.  On the restart, Mike McVetta started ninth and after one lap found himself in fifth.  After two more laps he moved up to second and set his sights on the fast moving 95, who was pretty much racing his own race.  Another yellow fell on lap 12 for the 19 of Trent Stephens started smoking coming out of turn four, his night was done.  The green would come out but yellow would quickly fly again, this time for the 14 of Jonathon Lesiecki when the drive shaft broke and ruptured the fuel cell ending his night.  Green came out and Mike McVetta moves around Shullick to take over the lead while Jim Paller took over third place from Talon Stephens.  The yellow flag would come out for the last time of the night was for a spin of Dave Danzer.  He would restart the race at the tail of the field.  Mike Lichty suddenly pulled in the pits while running in fifth place done for the night.  The green flag comes out and McVetta was flying and easily pulled away from the rest of the field.  But, a possible problem was looming for Mike McVetta.  A strut on the wing had given way and the wing was damaged.  As the laps counted down Mike was moving, suddenly with a few laps to go, the motor choked and seemed to be fuel starved.  But, it was his night as the he found enough fuel to bring the 22 home in victory lane. 

    Mike was so excited about the win, “I don’t know what to say, the car was so great tonight.  On the lap nine restart it was like the light came on in the car and I could drive it anywhere on the track.  The championship still hasn’t quite sunk in just yet, and to win at this track is amazing.” 

    Denny Fisher, the only participant from the 1995 race finished in ninth place tonight, improving on his twelfth from the previous race.  When we talked to him earlier in the day he was hoping for a top ten finish.  And he did it with a small block motor.

    Heat Race 1: 1, Dave Shullick (95) 2, Talon Stephens (30) 3, AJ Lesiecki (77) 4, Rich Reid (55) 5, Preston Walker (7) 6, Jonathon Lesiecki (14)

    Heat Race 2: 1, Mike Lichty (84) 2, Trent Stephens (19) 3, Dave Danzer (52) 4, Dan Connors (01) 5, Mark Sammut (78) 6, Jeff West (1)

    Heat Race 3,  1, Mike McVetta (22) 2, Dave McKnight (70) 3, Jim Paller (64) 4, Danny Shirey (2) 5, Denny Fisher (81) 6, Larry Lehnert (92)

    Feature: 1, Mike McVetta (22) 2, Dave Shullick (95) 3, Jim Paller (64) 4, AJ Lesiecki (77) 5, Talon Stephens (30) 6, Dave McKnight (70) 7, Dave Danzer (52) 8, Danny Connors (01) 9, Denny Fisher (81) 10, Mark Sammut (78) 11, Preston Walker (7) 12, Mike Lichty (84) 13, Jonathon Lesiecki 14, Trent Stephens (19) 15, Danny Shirey (2) 16, Rich Reid (55) 17, Jeff West (1) 18, Larry Lehnert (92)

    Fast Qualifier: Dave Shullick – 18.346

Written by: Tim Church


Honorary Junior Grand Marshall


Frisbee Toss Lucky Feature Winner


Adkins Glass Bike Raffle Winner!


McVetta Family Celly "Hollywood" Style