Paller Stellar at Auto City Speedway

MSS supermodifieds did not disappoint fans on Saturday night as a very well run night of racing and drivers had put on an intriguing show at the ½ mile paved oval, Auto City Speedway in Clio, Michigan. For some drivers, this track is a challenge at high speeds. After interviewing several drivers, some discussed how the track is a bit “goofy” with turn 1 & 2 being a bit wider than turn 3 & 4. The drivers given their 2 hot laps sessions to shake down this egg-shaped oval was not the only challenge for MSS drivers.  Given MSS had a 10 car count (recent bad luck with few teams having motor & health issues) for the day, there still is a tight points race.  Without a doubt, Auto City fans that witnessed one captivating race. With evening setting, #22 Mike McVetta, had the fastest qualifying time with a 13:242 and #64 Jim Paller, with a 13:363.

The feature was a 30 lap main event, with a very competitive lineup. #7 May Motorsports owned supermodified pilot, AJ Lesiecki, paced and led the field the first 10 laps.  #64 Jim Paller reeled in A.J. on lap 12 after darting through tight competition to take the lead. Meanwhile, ensuring his podium finish #19 Trent Stephens was on the move slipping by #72 Danny Shirey for the 3rd spot.  By lap 20 after passing Lesiecki , Trent set his sights on chasing Paller down. Shirey getting challenged by #22 McVetta in the “ketchup & mustard” special but lap 22, McVetta coasted to a stop on the front straightaway which led to the 1st and only yellow caution of the night. McVetta returned to the field before the restart. As soon as the green flag was waved, #19 Trent Stephens challenged Paller but the #64 CMC Trucking sponsored roadster was set on rails as Jim Paller rocketed to a “straight-away” lead.  By lap 27, after passing #30 Talon Stephens, #72 Danny Shirey, moved to 4th and set his target on #7 A.J. but it was too late.  When the dust settled, there was no denying Paller to his stellar finish with #19 Stephens, and #7 A.J. to round the top 3.

MSS graciously sends their gratitude to Kevin Lincoln of Lincoln Racing donating $100 to the 5th place finisher.

Special Thanks to Mr. Joe DeWitte – Track Owner for including MSS on his 2019 schedule and Sharon Fischer for all the great marketing for our show.

MSS would also like to give special thanks to Mr. Mark Strpko of Strypko Engineering for driving the honorary pace car in the #83 1975 Dowker built Supermodified.  This supermodified was driven by West Michigan legend Wayne Landon who passed away this morning August, 4th and is survived by his grandson Nick Landon.  MSS sends condolences to the Landon Family.


Official Race Results: 

Honorary Junior Grand Marshall: Bailey Preslee

Butler Auto / Adkins Glass Bike Raffle winner: Kelsey Rowe

Top Qualifier: M. McVetta (22) - 13:242

Heat 1 results: D. Shirey (72), J. Paller (64), A. Lesiecki (7), L. Lehnert (92), and R. Wedell (71).

Heat 2 results: Trent Stephens (19), Talon Stephens (30), M. McVetta (22), J. Wells (39), and D. Fisher (81). 

Feature Event Results:  J. Paller (64), T. Stephens (19), A.J. Lesiecki (7), D. Shirey (72), T. Stephens (30), M. McVetta (22), D. Fisher (81), J. Wells (39), L. Lehnert (92), R. Wedell (71)


Our July 20th canceled Midvale Speedway event due to weather has been rescheduled for Sat., September 7th.   We understand that there are conflicts, but we have a commitment to our sponsors both as a series and as individual teams to reschedule.  We want to thank John and Kelley Chapman for working with us on this rescheduled date. 

We will now be able to have another race in OH for this year in addition to being able to honor The Hollifield Families wishes to see their Dad’s car on the track.  Everyone please mark your calendars for Saturday, September 7th MSS will be at Midvale Speedway.   

See you at the races!


This Saturday, July 20th MSS will be making our way to Midvale Speedway.  The newly purchased "58 Special" Hollifield family owned will also be part of the lineup for this event.  The reason why this will be so special is the story behind the scene.  Before Linda Hollifield died in 2018, she shared with her husband Jay to go live out his dream of owning a supermodified.  Jay's Dad was Buck Hollifield longtime supermodified car owner and builder.  Jay spent his life going to the race track and watching Supers.  So to help himself put one foot in front of the other after losing his wife, he did just that he went out and bought the #26 Joe Schultzkie (Owner)/Brian Sobus (Driver) Hawksby chassis car over the Winter.  Now the story gets sad again, one week later Jay is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  But Jay and the family (Stacy-daughter, Brian son-in-law, Brad- son, Kaleb and Lucas-grandsons) continue making memories as they begin working on this car together as a family to get race ready so that Jay can see his car get on the track before his final days.  Unfortunately, that day came before this was able to be accomplished.  So with great determination, the family along with David May, Jim Mayfield, AJ Lesiecki and Jonathon Lesiecki have been working feverishly to get the #58 ready for Midvale Speedway MSS race, since Buck Hollifield was a mainstream at this track and holds so many fond memories for this family.  Just look at the many albums John Chapman (owner Midvale Speedway) has capturing Midvale history and you will see Buck Hollifield's name and pictures of his many cars over the years in these books. 

So this Saturday, Jonathon Lesiecki will be proudly driving the #58 Hollifield Family car.  As Stacy (daughter) so eloquently put it "Rest easy Dad, we will finish your car from here, and you'll have the best seat in the house on race day with your best friend next to you." 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Hollifield family and as a strong supermodified community, this Saturday will be very special as we remember a Supermodified fan and car owner.  

MSS also thanks the Hollifield family for supporting us with the $200 Feature Halfway Lap this entire race season.  Giving back just seems to be part of this families DNA.

Remember racing begins at 7:30 this Saturday only (not normal 6:30 time), due to temperatures.  Please come out and support the Hollifield Family, Midvale Speedway and MSS.  This will be MSS's last race in Ohio for this year.  Hope to see you at the races!


In light of recent events at Lorain County Speedway, our race previously scheduled for Saturday, August 10th will now NOT be happening.  Our last race in OH will be at Midvale Speedway on Saturday, July 20th.  Hope to see you at the races!

#19 Acme Racing Trent Stephens Dominates at Sandusky


    Even Mother Nature couldn’t beat Trent Stephens at Sandusky Speedway last night.  After rain showers moved through the area Saturday afternoon the great crowd on hand saw some great racing.

    As fast as the green flag fell, the red flag came out just as quick.  As Ryan Winningham went into the front stretch wall as the field was coming down the straightaway, what started a chain reaction sending eight cars to the pit area to be repaired, including eventual feature Trent Stephens.  After the track cleanup the cars were finally restarted with everyone returning except for the 64 of Jim Paller, the 39 of Jason Wells, the Bingo 5 of Kevin Feeney, the 92 of Larry Lehnert, and the 55 of Rich Reid.

    Once the track was cleared the green was out once again and Talon Stephens jumped to the early lead.  But it didn’t take long for the 19 of Trent Stephens to get to the front and he set sail to a huge lead.   Talon was under a lot of pressure by the 72 of Danny Shirey as he was trying to find a way around.  That’s when Mike McVetta started to show his muscle as he was able to get around Shirey on the high side and then get around the 30 of Talon Stephens by lap 17.  Now  McVetta was setting his sights on Trent Stephens who by this time had built up a huge lead.  While McVetta was trying to track down the leader, Shirey was trying to get by Talon. 

    As the race came to the end, Mike McVetta was clearly making up ground on the 19 of Trent Stephens, but he ran out of laps.  When the checkered flag fell it was Trent Stephens with the win followed by the 22 of Mike McVetta.  Talon Stephens won the battle for third, Danny Shirey would have to settle for fourth, and AJ Lesiecki round out the top five.

Junior Grand Marshall- Michael

Adkins Glass Bike Raffle Winner-Carl

Note- The 11 of Kyle Edwards broke the rear end during his heat race

 Special Thanks to:     

  • Kevin and Bev Jaycox along with Chris Mize of Sandusky Speedway for working hard to get our race in due to none other than “the weather!”
  • A long time Supermodified supporter wanting to give back to the Supermodified community with just a little something extra.  What did he do, had 30 “yummy” pizzas delivered from Eats N’ Treats.  Thank you anonymous supporter, your gesture made many peoples day.  Thanks also to Rich Reid and Kate Lepley for coordinating!
  • Another long time Supermodified supporter Steve, decided he wanted to donate $100 to the 6th Fastest Qualifier. 

Again MSS thanks you all for your support!

Next up for Midwest Supermodified Series will be Midvale Speedway on Saturday, July 20th.  Please come out and support the speedway and our series.

Heat Race 1- 1. Danny Shirey (72), 2. Mike McVetta (22), 3. Rich Reid (55), 4. AJ Leseicki (7), 5. Kevin Feeney (Bingo 5), 6. Jason Wells (39)

Heat Race 2- 1. Jim Paller 64, 2. Trent Stephens (19), 3. Talon Stephens (30), 4. Kyle Edwards (11), 5. Ryan Winningham (27), 6. Randy Wedell (71), DNS Larry Lenhert (92)

Feature- 1. Trent Stephens (19), 2. Mike McVetta (22), 3. Talon Stephens (30) 4. Danny Shirey (72) 5. AJ Leseicki (7), 6. Randy Wedell (71), 7. Ryan Winningham (27), 8. Jim Paller (64), 9. Kevin Feeney (Bingo 5), 10. Jason Wells (39), 11. Rich Reid (55), 12. Larry Lehnert (92), DNS. Kyle Edwards


Paller Dominates Field at Lorain

After Mother Nature washout with our season opener at Sandusky two weeks ago, everyone was greeted with perfect racing weather Saturday night for the race at Lorain County Speedway, and the show did not disappoint.
The field was led to the green flag by the 81 of Denny Fisher and the 3 of Ricky Otts, who traveled over 1400 miles from Colorado to race the former AJD Racing supermodified that he purchased over the winter. As the green fell Fisher jumped out to the early lead followed by Otts and AJ Lesiecki. But, by lap four Jim Paller was starting to show that he was going to be tough to beat as he quickly got around the Lesiecki 7 to take third. A caution for Kyle Edwards came out as he spun his number 11 coming out of turn two. During the caution, Lesiecki brought the 7 to the pits for some minor adjustments and was able to restart along with Edwards. As the green waved for the restart the top five were Fisher, Otts, Paller, Talon Stephens, and Danny Shirey. It took Paller just two laps to the lead and he took off from the rest of the field. Meanwhile, Shirey made his way past Otts and Stephens to set his sights on the fast moving 64. The night’s second caution came out on lap 16 for rookie Ryan Winningham as he slowed and came to a halt in turn two, he came back to the pits and did not return. The race started once again and Shirey took a peek down low, but couldn’t make it stick and settled back to second. The top five were Paller, Shirey, Stephens, McVetta, and Rich Reid in his brand new Jim Bodnar built Supermodified. McVetta and Stephens had a great battle going for third until the last caution fell for the spin of the Lesiecki 7 with just four laps to go. On the restart the battle for second through fourth was a good one! McVetta was finally able to get by Stephens for third, but was unable to make any attempt on his teammate Shirey. As the checkered flag fell, it was Paller, Shirey, McVetta, Reid, and Stephens rounding out the top five.
Jim Paller was happy with his run, but didn’t like seeing the cautions come out. “I was looking at the scoreboard, and I knew McVetta and Shirey were back there. I just tried to keep it clean.” Danny said “I am usually very good on restarts here, but I kept getting wheel spin so I just couldn’t make it stick. Great job by Jim to get the win.”
MSS would like to thank our series sponsors CMC Trucking and Perfection Fabricators. Special thanks also to both Airgas and the Zirzow Family for their support for this Lorain race. Jim Paller was the lucky recipient of the, In Memory of Buck and Linda Hollifield $200 Feature Halfway lap by Jay Hollifield and Family.
Next up for Midwest Supermodified Series will be Sandusky Speedway on Saturday, July 7th, 2019.
Fast Qualifier- Kyle Edwards, 12.072
Heat race 1- (64) Jim Paller, (22) Mike McVetta, (11) Kyle Edwards, (81) Denny Fisher, (7) AJ Lesiecki, (66) Lou LeVea Sr.
Heat race 2- (72) Danny Shirey, (55) Rich Reid, (30) Talon Stephens, (3) Ricky Otts, (39) Jason Wells, (27) Ryan Winningham
Feature- 1. (64) Jim Paller, 2. (72) Danny Shirey, 3. (22) Mike McVetta, 4, (55) Rich Reid, 5. (30) Talon Stephens, 6. (11) Kyle Edwards, 7. (3) Ricky Otts, 8. (7) AJ Lesiecki, 9. (81) Denny Fisher, 10. (66) Lou LeVea Sr, 11. (39). Jason Wells, 12. (27) Ryan Winningham


ss-2 web

Mother Nature wins. Our opener today at Sandusky Speedway is being canceled and there will be no rain date due to scheduling difficulties. Hope to see everyone at Lorain on Sat., June 8th.



Midwest Supermodified Series will be selling T-Shirts and Hats again this upcoming season.  A HUGE thanks to all the sponsors for your support, many of which are repeaters from last year!  Also a BIG thanks to Rich Reid MSS VP and Owner/Driver #55 Supermodified for coordinating this effort.

MSS Proudly Presents our 2019 T-Shirt Sponsors:  

Adkins Glass / CMC Trucking / Cowboyz Chrome Big Rig Shop / Edward’s Mobile Mower Repair / FKN Performance / Frank May Garage / Level Performance / Perfection Fabricators / Precision Welding / RAM Engineering / Smith’s Top Notch / Steel Plate Akron / TNT Fabrication / Town Money Saver / Wedell Express

When you get a chance, please visit our website www.midwestsupermodifieds.com.  You will see these sponsors scrolling along the bottom of the page, simply click on logo and if they have a website you will be taken to it…courtesy of Jim Davidson our website administrator.

T-Shirts will be $20 /Hats $15 and sold both in the pits (Rich Reid #55 Pit) and General Grandstand Area.  Your support with both purchasing and supporting these sponsors will be greatly appreciated by all the MSS Owners!

See you at the races!

MSS To Launch IPhone & Android App!


    The Midwest Supermodified Series has worked very hard to get information to the fans as quickly as possible.  Now, with the development of an app for both Android and iOS devices, MSS have another way to keep the fans in the know.
    Developer, Zachary Sears said the idea for the app started in July of 2018.  Zach said that he and his Dad, Kevin Sears, were discussing programming and asked “could you make an app for MSS?  We kind of laughed and I said that I could.”  Of course with all ideas there are hills to climb.  “I ran into some challenges, but there are always going to issues but that makes the goal more worthwhile.”  
    So what can fans expect from the app?  “Fans can expect a maintained functioning app on both Android and iOS with videos, roster, points, and schedule.  It will also contain the latest MSS Live videos and updates on rosters and points every week after the races.”
    The app will be available for download this Saturday, May 25th.


MSS Announces 2019 Partners

The Midwest Supermodified Series would like to present our 2019 partners for the season. 

Our bike giveaway was a huge success last year thanks to Adkins Glass.  They have committed to  sponsoring this event again this season and will be donating one children’s bike at each of our racing events. 

Heat Finish payouts last year was very much appreciated by owners and Precision Welding is stepping up again in year two to support!

Top 3 Heat Finisher Winners (1st $25 / 2nd $15 / 3rd $10)

We are working on our T-Shirt & Product Sponsorship Programs now and will be announcing these partners in the near future. Please visit our website www.midwestsupermodifieds.com, Sponsorship Info tab for more information.

We are a newly formed (year two) racing series with an owner’s transparent operating philosophy.  Owners voting on major decisions, owners having viewing access to checkbook, owners working together as one for the betterment of Supermodifieds to bring good, competitive racing to the race tracks.  But, we can’t do this without the support of our sponsorship partners.  So on behalf of all MSS Owners, we thank you for your support and generosity and also ask all of our loyal fans to support these businesses!