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The decision has been made to cancel this Saturday’s event at Lorain Raceway Park due to Covid-19 conditions.  As you will recall, MSR was leasing the track and had invited MSS to be part of the schedule.

We want to thank all teams and fans that had planned on attending this event.  We would also like to thank both Jim Hanks, President of Must See Racing and The Maggio Family, Owners of Lorain Raceway Park for all of your efforts with this event.

Everyone stay safe and healthy!


Are you ready!  Lots of supermodified racing action coming up the rest of this month.  We are receiving some inquiries from teams and fans regarding both the Lorain Raceway Park July 18th Event and Hy-Miler Nationals the following weekend.   

Lorain Raceway Park on July 18th (Rain Date July 19th):

  • Pit Gates Open @ Noon.  General Grandstand Seating @ 2:00.
  • No Pre-Selling of Tickets.  Tickets available at the gate only.  There will be three windows open, selling tickets to get you through as quickly as possible.
    • Confirming will be limited seating (due to social distancing Health Dept. COVID Guidelines) for a total of approximately 1,800 Fans.
    • As of Thurs., 7/9 Lorain County is at a Level 3 – “Wearing a Mask Guidelines: Indoor Locations and Outdoor Locations where you are unable to maintain 6’ social distancing.” updated every Thursday.  This should not be a problem since Lorain Raceway Park already practicing social distancing.

1)      Teams: Please email your Driver/Crew Listing containing all names to no later than Fri., 7/17 9:00 PM. Include contact name and number, should Randy Maggio need to contact you. Note:  IF you are not on a Team Driver/Crew Listing, you will not be able to come into the pits.

  • Camping allowed – Free of Charge:
    • Spectators – Parking Lot along tree line.  Jerry (from Painesville) will be available all day Friday and again on Saturday to park campers.
    • Competitors – Overnight camping at pit site.

Hy-Miler Nationals Fri., July 24th & Sat., July 25th (Rain Date July 26th for Supermodifieds):

  • Pre-Selling General Admission Tickets. Go to to purchase. Pit admission sold day of event.
  • Reference for more information regarding this event.
    • Friday Pits 2 PM / Grandstands & Practice 4 PM / Time Trials 6:30 / Racing 7:30 
    • Saturday Pits 11 AM / Grandstands & Practice 1 PM / Time Trials 4 PM / Racing 7 PM

Out of town teams wanting to get three (3) races in one week, please “Messenger” Jimmy Bodnar and he will help with logistics (storing trailer, working on race car locations, etc.).  We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday July 18th and hopefully again the following weekend at Sandusky Speedway for the Hy-Miler Nationals.  See you at the races! 


Honorable Mentions & Special Thanks!

MSS would like to give our honorable mentions and special thanks!   We are GRATEFUL to have such a great racing community and want to give a SHOUT OUT to...

Congratulations to Saturday’s night Feature Winner at Sandusky Speedway Trent Stephens #19 and DJ Shullick #49 Fast Qualifier. Way to go Acme Racing and Steve Stout!

Special thanks to each of the following for your support with this event.

Kevin and Bev Jaycox – Track Owners for putting MSS on your schedule!

Chris Mize and Doug Dock – Sandusky Management behind the scenes for keeping the race day on schedule.  We appreciate a timely end to our day!

Hollifield Family in Memory of their Grandfather Buck, Dad Jay and Mom Linda with our Feature Halfway $200 Bonus (winner #19 Trent Stephens)

Adkins Glass (and family) for the bike donation! 

Precision Welding (Dennis and Randy Nader) Cash for Heat Finish Top 3 Heat Finish Winners

4th Turn Crazies for the Hard Charger Award $50 to #55 Rich Reid and $50 to #49 DJ Shullick.

Lap 11 In Memory of Jack Houseworth $100 to #19 Trent Stephens – Courtesy of Dick Houseworth

One Dozen Roses Donation – Courtesy of Randy and Carol of Flowerama Sandusky - #22 Mike McVetta

$50 to Team Traveling the Farthest – Courtesy of Randy and Carol of Flowerama Sandusky went to Aric Iosue #75 Oswego, NY. (Thanks Aric and family for making the trip!)

BIG thanks to those teams and fans supporting racing action on Saturday, July 4th!  Our next race is Saturday July 18th at Lorain Raceway Park.  We hope to see you there!


Trent Stephens Leads Flag to Flag!

For the last two weeks since the race at Lucas Oil Raceway the talk was the dominating performance by Mike McVetta. After this week, Trent Stephens led all 30 laps in a fast paced feature at Sandusky Speedway.
The field was led to the green flag by brothers Trent and Talon Stephens with Trent jumping out to the lead with Talon following in second and Danny Shirey in third. The top two immediately began to pull away from the rest of the field while a battle was beginning to take shape from 3rd place back to seventh. Rich Reid from his 6th starting position was showing what his independent Bodnar built car was capable of doing as he was all over Shirey for third finally making the pass on lap 14. Then two laps later he was able to get around Talon Stephens for second. By this time Trent Stephens had built up a full straightaway lead with only 15 laps to go. With ten laps to go the top five was Trent Stephens followed by Rich Reid, Dave Shullick Jr., Talon Stephens, and Danny Shirey. The 72 of Shirey was able to get around the 30 of Stephens to take 4th and then Jim Paller went by the Talon a lap later for 5th place. Reid was the fastest car on the track and was slowly catching the high flying 19 but Rich ran out of time as Trent Stephens would take the checkered flag for the win followed by Reid, Shullick, Shirey, and Paller.
Trent had this to say about his day. “I was not happy with the car today. The guys made a ton of changes just before the feature and the car was fast. It slowed a little the last ten laps, the car was real driveable.
Rich Reid was really happy with his day. “First thing to the Stout campaign a first and third they do a hell of a job getting those cars here and MSS appreciates that. I want to give a shout out to Jim Bodnar, appreciate all of the help and the time that he has given me.”
DJ Shullick had this to say about his run “It was a good run. I knew I had my work cut out for me when I saw the lineup starting on the bottom and a lot of good cars in front of us. I want to thank MSS and the fans coming out tonight. I know these are some trying times, thank you all for supporting us. And thank you to Sandusky Speedway for putting on these shows.
Next race will be at Lorain Raceway Park on July 18th.
Heat 1: 1. Talon Stephens (30) 2. Mike McVetta (22) 3. Dave Shullick Jr. (49) 4. Trent Stephens (19) 5. Denny Fisher (81) 6 Kevin Feeney (5)
Heat 2: 1. Rich Reid (55) 2. Danny Shirey (72) 3. Jim Paller (64) 4. Aric Iosue (75) 5. AJ Lesiecki (88) DNS Cord Ehrhart 0Z
Feature: 1. Trent Stephens (19) 2. Rich Reid (55) 3. Dave Shullick Jr. (49) 4. Danny Shirey (72) 5. Jim Paller (64) 6. Mike McVetta (22) 7. Talon Stephens (30) 8. AJ Leseicki (88) 9. Aric Iosue (75) 10. Denny Fisher (81) 11. Kevin Feeney (5) 12. Cord Ehrhart (0Z)
Fast Qualifier: Dave Shullick Jr.- 14.651



Supermodifieds were finally able to get the race season started with an event at Lucas Oil Raceway this past weekend. Congratulations to #22 Mike McVetta on your victory and also being Fast Qualifier @ 18.289 ... well done Team McVetta!

Special thanks to each of the following for your support with this event.
Mike Moore – Promoter for this very well run event and for including supermodifieds on your program.
Jim Hanks – Owner of Must See Racing for all of your support with helping to make the race weekend run as smoothly as possible, you have a great support staff!
Jeff West Owner #1 for all if his efforts in securing additional sponsorship so that we could get to $3500 to win and $1000 to start.
ISMA / Doc Hathaway for your contribution of a Hoosier Right Rear tire (winner #55 Rich Reid)
Hollifield Family in Memory of their Grandfather Buck, Dad Jay and Mom Linda with our Feature Halfway $200 Bonus (winner #22 Mike McVetta)
Adkins Glass (and family) for the bike donations! MSS received a very nice thank you from the Smith Family who was one of the bike recipients.
4th Turn Crazies for the Hard Charger Award (winner #22 Mike McVetta)

BIG thanks to those teams supporting the supermodified opener and for those fans attending “live” or watching with Pay-Per-View…both are appreciated!

Our next race is Saturday July 4th at Sandusky Speedway. We hope to see you there!


McVetta Scorching at Indy Summer Nationals


(LOR) Brownsburg, IN – The Midwest Supermodified Series started their 2020 season at Lucas Oil Raceway Park with the Must See Racing Series Sprints last night.  The stage was set to be a scorching hot day, with the unforgiving .686 mile oval, would test the teams resolve.  Although Ohioan Mike McVetta driver/owner of the #22 rocket chassis car seemed to be hooked on rails off the start in practice and posted fast qualifying time of 18.289, Mike was challenged with doing quick repairs from sustained damage during his heat race and could not finish.  In the feature, McVetta had to start in the rear, but that did not deter him getting to the front.  By lap 3 McVetta had moved to fourth after passing Otto Sitterly (NY) and by lap 6, he passed AJ Lesiecki’s new #88 roadster.  From there Mike McVetta would not look back as he claimed his 1st feature win of the year, his 2nd win @ Lucas Oil Raceway Park.  “I tell you, this crew give me such an unbelievable car,” said McVetta. “I don’t know how that car drove so good, it is still bent up from my heat race. It was bad fast, it has been bad fast since we unloaded yesterday. The guys just gave me such a great car. I just can’t thank them enough”

AJ Lesecki and Otto Sitterly would pace the field on the start, but it was Lesiecki that would lead the charge while Sitterly, and Trent Stephens follow in 3rd.  On the 3rd lap, the caution & red flag would come for oil cleanup on the track but with the quick restart, Stephens would sneak past Sitterly while McVetta was hot on the heels and would overcome Sitterly a lap later. Not more than a lap later, and despite having a strong afternoon, McVetta would claim the lead from Lesiecki.

Lesiecki would ultimately fade to 4th as #1 Bobby Santos would edge him for the final podium spot while #72 Danny Shirey would finish 5th to round out the top 5. Sitterly would ended his night after finding a cracked front axle. Hard to charge were #55 Rich Reid and #30 Talon Stephens with #64 Jim Paller to follow.

Midwest Supermodified Series would like to give special thanks to the Hollifield Family for their $200 feature halfway winner (#22 McVetta). The 4th Turn Crazies, hard charger award (#22 McVetta). Adkins Glass for the Bike Donation and all of MSS supporters that helped make this happen!

Join us on July 4th as Midwest Supermodified Series is set to do battle @ Sandusky Speedway’s ½ mile oval.


Official Results:

Top qualifier:  (22) Mike McVetta 18.289

Heat 1 Results:  (88) AJ Lesiecki, (19) Trent Stephens, (86) Nick Capellli, (55) Rich Reid, (22) Mike McVetta, (92) Larry Lehnert

Heat 2 Results: (1) Bobby Santos, (72s) Danny Shirey, (7) Otto Sitterly, (64) Jim Paller, (30) Talon Stephens, (0Z) Cord Ehrhart

Feature Results (30 laps): (22) Mike McVetta, (19) Trent Stephens, (1) Bobby Santos, (88) AJ Lesiecki, (72s) Danny Shirey, (55) Rich Reid, (30) Talon Stephens, (64) Jim Paller, (0Z) Cord Ehrhart, (7) Otto Sitterly, (92) Larry Lehnert.

McVetta Racing Family in Victory Lane
McVetta Racing Family in Victory Lane
Runnerup Trent Stephens
Runnerup Trent Stephens
(22) McVetta claims lead over (88) Lesiecki
(22) McVetta claims lead over (88) Lesiecki
(19) Stephens for 2nd
(19) Stephens for 2nd

Along with our Opener comes new T-Shirts!   

We would like to thank  all of our 2020 T-Shirt Sponsors.

Your financial support is used to help fund our Owner’s Point Fund and is so appreciated! 

Special thanks to:

  • Rich Reid and Kate Lepley for all of your efforts in making this T-Shirt Program happen!
  • Larry Morris of Morris Auto Service in Elkhart, IN for contributing a wagon and Cindy McVetta for making this happen and also for being in charge of selling T-Shirts this year.

Look for Cindy and the red wagon at each of our races this year and support the cause!

T-Shirts (all sizes) $20 and Hats $15.




We do hope your weekend plans include attending Lucas Oil Raceway event and/or watching live! (CLICK HERE to sign up and watch live)

Sending along some information for your weekend planning purposes.

  •  State of IN has entered into Phase 4 which makes masks optional (no longer required).
  •  Camping for teams, no reservation required.  Camping will be provided on racetrack grounds.  No hook ups.
  • Camping for fans, please email Mike Moore @ to get put on his list.  He will be parking you in Turn 1 (no hook ups).
  •  Any and all information regarding this event can be found on our website or
  • Tickets still available @  Max tickets able to be sold 5,000 due to social distancing requirements.  Pit Passes available for purchase day of race and there are no limits, but social distancing protocol being followed.
  • To help save time at ticket window, go in and sign your waivers before you get there.

Oval Restricted Area Waiver – ALL DRIVERS and CREW must sign this waiver:

 Oval Communicable Disease Exposure Waiver – All Attendees:

Must See Racing Series LIVE Pay Per View!

Live broadcast of the “Indy Summer Nationals” from Lucas Oil Raceway in Brownsburg, IN featuring the exciting Must See Racing non wing sprints and the Midwest Supermodifieds LIVE with qualifying at 5PM ET

click image to sign up!


NEWS: Lap sponsorships for the 30-lap Supermodified portion of the #IndySummerNats at Lucas Oil Speedway June 20th are now available!

All funds go directly to the purse as outlined on the attached flyer. If you or your business would like to sponsor one or more laps this is a fun and rewarding way to help the competitors out!

This week's Inside Groove will be online later tonight and it features event promoter Mike Moore talking about this race and his desire to do more with the supermodified division in the future.

Let's fill the board and give the racers even more to race for on June 20th!




This week's Inside Groove Podcast powered by Indy Performance Composites is now online! This week Mike Moore, promoter of the #IndySummerNationals at Lucas Oil Raceway this month, joins Tom for an extended talk, and Camden Proud has the latest on when Oswego Speedway may open.

Listen Here 👇👇👇…/06-05-20-inside-groove-47-indy-sum…

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