MSS is both humbled and proud to announce that the Hollifield Family is sponsoring a “Feature Halfway - $200 Memory Lap.”  Jay Hollifield along with his daughter Stacy and son Brad would like to give back to the supermodified community.  They have many years being around Supermodifieds as Jay’s Dad, Buck Hollifield was a long-time supermodified owner/crew chief  supporter with drivers such as Paul Simms, Norm Calhoun, Gordon Calhoun and Ernie Lowe running the #58 car. This halfway lap will be in memory of Buck (Dad/Grandfather) and Linda (Wife/Mom).  MSS is honored to be part of this tribute and we are grateful to the Hollifield Family for their generous support.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Team #30 Talon and Nicole Stephens for getting your car ready for display at the Midvale Speedway/New Towne Mall car show.  Special thanks also to Terry and Debbie Stephens for all of their support for this event. 

As Howie Lane, Mike McVetta, Mark Miller, Gary Morton/Dave McKnight, Mark Sammut, Jason Simmons, Talon Stephens and Steve Stout know, this is A LOT of work and a big TIME commitment putting a car on display.  On behalf of all of supermodified car owners, thank you for “representing!”  There was a good showing across many locations this past off season which included;  IN, OH, WV, NY, MA and London, Ontario!  Hopefully the time spent to help promote Supermodifieds will pay off with more fans in the stands!

55 more days until our season opener at Sandusky Speedway on Sunday, May 26th


Stephens Racing representing MSS
at New Towne Mall Car Show

Team Stephens 30

    Talon and Nicole Stephens will be representing the Midwest Supermodifieds Series (MSS) at New Towne Mall, Midvale Speedway Car Show in New Philadelphia, OH beginning Fri., March 29th through Sunday March 31th. There will be various classes of cars that will be supporting Midvale Speedway this year on display. Thanks John and Kelly Chapman for the invitation! Special thanks to Team #30 Stephens for both getting your car “show” ready and also for giving of your time to support this Midvale Speedway event, Supermodifieds and MSS.

New Towne Mall

400 Mill Ave. SE

New Philadelphia, OH 44663

Mall Hours:
Friday 10 to 9
Saturday 10 to 9
Sunday 12 to 6


Mike and Gina McVetta will be representing the Midwest Supermodifieds Series (MSS) thanks to Dan Zirzow (MSS Pit Steward) at the I-X Piston Powered Auto-Rama in Cleveland, OH beginning Fri., March 15th through Sunday March 17th.  There will be more than 1,000 custom cars, trucks, bikes, tractors, military equipment, and vintage aircraft, it’s the largest show of its kind in the world!  This is a huge event in our area and will be good exposure for Supermodifieds.  Team McVetta can be found on the lower level space 5213-P.  Special thanks to Team McVetta for taking time out to support this event, Supermodifieds and MSS.  Go to: for details.  Hope to see you there!


Ricky Otts to race part time with MSS in 2019


    Ricky Otts has been racing for thirty-three years, mostly on the west coast.  So when the news hit that he had bought the Hyder-Hawk that was owned by AJD Racing earlier this month fans were wondering where the car would end up running for the 2019 season.  With plans on running as many MSS races this year and running races in Arizona, Idaho, and Colorado he is going to be busy.

    Ricky’s Grandfather, Buster Otts, ran supers in the 70’s and he hung around the garage and helped with the working on the cars.  Ricky got his start racing when the driver didn’t show up for a practice and Ricky took the hot laps.  He did well enough in the car that Buster fired the driver and Ricky took the driving chores over at seventeen years old.  With multiple feature wins and track championships he’s been very successful.

    So what does the Canon City, Colorado resident expect for the 2019 season?  “I want to learn the new car.  It’s a lot different than my west coast car and to be competitive.”  The Hyder-Hawk cars were built out on the west coast so the purchase is a good one since “I am familiar” with the cars.  He is currently looking for sponsors and is helped by his wife, Tammy and his son, Brian on race day. 


Ryan Winningham to Race with MSS in 2019

Ryan Winningham spent most of his Saturday summer nights watching his Dad race at Sandusky Speedway.  So, it was natural for him to get in to racing.  Now he has realized a dream, racing a supermodified.  Over the winter, he purchased the former Jim Paller 64 that took Jim to the last MSA championship in 2017.

Ryan’s Dad, Bob raced the number 27 street stock at Sandusky in the mid-80’s and then E-mods (now modifieds) in the 90’s.  “I grew up watching supermodifieds every weekend at Sandusky and I knew that someday I wanted to drive one”, said Ryan.  He made his start in the modifieds back in 2016, and won rookie of the year honors.

Ryan’s brother, Matt who started racing in the modifieds last year found Paller’s Graves chassis number 64 on Facebook.  “I have been planning on getting into a supermodified from the start, so I was always looking.  This car is a good place to start and learn on a budget.  Also, it helps that I have seen this car win a few years ago.  Jim has been great with my non-stop questions on the car.”

The team plans to attend as many MSS events as possible.  Ryan says his goals for the 2019 season are to finish all of the races that he is in and to bring the car home in one piece.  “I have many things to learn with this car so my focus is having a good time and contributing to the show.”  Ryan would like to thank his family for all of their help and his sponsors North Coast Cigar and Coppeler Heating and Electric both of Port Clinton.


McVetta Racing Announces 2 Car Team


After a very successful 2018 season McVetta Racing has decided to double down and run both cars in the 2019 season.  The second car will be numbered 72, and driving the 72 will be the familiar face to supermodified racing in the Midwest, Danny Shirey.  “We’ve been great friends with the Shirey family for years and it was a ton of fun the two races Danny ran for us at the end of last year”.

Danny replied “I’m really looking forward to teaming up with McVetta Racing this year.  It’s a great opportunity and I can’t thank Mike and Gina enough for welcoming on board”. The team plans to make another run at the MSS championship in 2019 with both cars competing full time.  The team plans to fill in their off weeks with some ISMA races as well.  McVetta Racing would like to thank their many great sponsors, Perfection Fabricators, Euphoria Vapor, Cerni Trucks, Fallsway Equipment, Banks Manufacturing, Sarchione Chevrolet, The Fourth Turn Crazies, and Sweet Manufacturing.  We would like to welcome Morris Auto Service to the team and would appreciate anyone else who would like to join the team!!


2019 MSS Schedule Released!


Midwest Supermodified Series (MSS) announcing year two schedule of which Owners have requested a max 8 race schedule.  MSS works very closely on scheduling with the International Supermodified Association (ISMA) so that cars from both series are able to support one another when able, and so can the fans! We are extremely proud of the fact that all four race tracks on our first inaugural season have invited us back for a year two and we have added two new venues and two new states to our 2019 schedule.  2019 MSS’s schedule will take us to race tracks in the states of; IN, OH, MI and NY!

We are so thankful that Lorain County Speedway will remain a race track, as Supermodifieds have so many years of history (thanks to the Bonnema’s) as do many other racing series.  Thank you SO MUCH Kevin Mileti for buying LCS and keeping it a race track!  We are looking forward to our June 8th event and our grand finale Championship Night September 21st at Lorain County Speedway.  We would like to thank the Jaycox’s for their continued support over these many years at Sandusky Speedway for our Sat., July 6th  event.  John and Kelley Chapman of Midvale Speedway are entering into year two with owning this speedway and have asked us back to be part of their 2019 schedule for a July 20th event.  We both can relate that it is a good feeling to get that first year in with hopefully many good years to follow!

Supermodifieds are making their way back to the state of Michigan, first time since 2012.  Michigan fans will be happy to learn that Joe DeWitte of Auto City Speedway (1/2 Mile Track) located in Clio, MI will be adding us to his schedule for an August 3rd event. It has been quite a dry spell for Supermodifieds racing in the state of MI, so we are thrilled to be adding a MI track to our schedule.  We have received many inquiries from MI fans this past season to please come their way, well their wishes have been answered and we are “SUPER” excited to be heading this way in 2019.

We have two racing events on our 2019 schedule that are a $3,000 to win and $800 to start, 40 Lap events. Daniel Hutchinson of Hillside Buffalo Speedway 3/8 Mile Track (formerly Holland International Speedway) located in Holland, NY will be our other new venue and hosting an event on Sat., June 22nd .  This will be MSS’s first venture into the state of NY and we are excited to be part of Hillsdale Buffalo Speedways schedule.  Dave Duncan Promoter for the Fall Brawl Lucas Oil Raceway event planning on hosting again, but a few weeks earlier, September 14th and has invited MSS back to participate in this event.  Both of these promoters already working on making these a jam packed, fun-filled events for everyone. We welcome all ISMA and Oswego teams to all of our events, but especially both of these and do hope when you are planning  your 2019 racing schedule, these two will be included! 

MSS again in the upcoming season will be focusing on getting young children to become Supermodified fans by way of our Bike Giveaway (Courtesy of Randal, Courtney & Spencer Adkins of Adkins Glass), Junior Grand Marshall Program, Frisbee Toss and Driver Autograph Sessions. We will be using MSS Live with the help of Tim Church and Kevin Sears to keep the adults “in the know.” 

All of our Support Team will be returning in 2019.  Bob and Doug Neubauer will continue to be the “voices of MSS” on race day.  Social Media Team Tim Church, Jim Davidson and Kevin Sears will continue to keep us updated on Facebook, Twitter and Website (including photographs).  Jeff and Dawna Lickfelt (Race Directors), Denny Watson (Tech Inspector) and Dan Zirzow (Pit Steward) will continue in their roles to make race day run as smooth as possible. 

We will round out 2019 with an end of the season celebration on November 9th at The Lodge located in New Russia Township.  Lester and Dee Morris (long time Supermodified Fans) have kindly stepped up and provided the deposit for this venue and Gina McVetta (Co-Owner #22 2018 MSS Championship Team) has graciously volunteered to take lead with the planning of this celebration.

MSS Owners are especially appreciative of the track promoters including us on their 2019 schedules and MSS Support Team for coming out again another year.  We look forward to 2019, seeing our current fans and making some new ones!

Please feel free to visit our website where all of our series information can be found (Schedule, Rule Book-Released 2/1/19 (Member Services Tab), etc.). Happy New Year Everyone!

Dave Shullick Jr. Joins ACME Racing


(Article and photo by Todd Ridgeway)

INDIANAPOLIS – ACME Racing team owner Steve Stout confirmed during the annual PRI Trade Show that the team will expand to a two-car program.

Dave Shullick Jr. will join ACME Racing to drive the No. 49 supermodified alongside returning ACME Racing driver Trent Stephens, who will continue to drive the No. 19 entry.

“Dave came to me and we talked a while back, and I just came up with this idea,” said Stout. “We have had success in the past with Dave, and currently having success with Trent in the 19 car. So, we are going to build a new car and just have fun and have a go of it. A two-car team is nothing new to us, we have been there before, we will just have to focus more and harder.”

Stout is unsure what the team’s schedule will look like for next season, but he said the team does plan to compete at least part-time in the International Supermodified Ass’n.

“I am not sure on the race schedule for us yet, I am studying and thinking,” said Stout. “The ISMA schedule is grueling for us where we are located, we do plan to run the majority, and really the Sandusky Hy-Miler is in our back yard. The Midwestern Supermodified Series seems to have gotten off the ground pretty good. Their first year (was) last year and a lot of folks including, Lori May over there, are doing a lot of work on the promotion end. I think they will come along ok, we ran a couple last year with the 19 and Trent with them, so I am sure we will this upcoming season as well.

“The team will be deciding on a race schedule for both cars in the coming months based on everyone’s personal preference and series schedules. They will be competing in both the MSS and ISMA series, but neither will be on a full-time basis.”