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Why being a Champion in 2020 will be that much more meaningful, because you had to work harder and do it in less races! 

Originally, our Championship Night was going to take place in September and then celebrate with all the teams, fans and sponsors in November. Then that race fell through and we were quickly scrambling to determine next steps.  We are an owners organization, so we put it to a vote.  Owners voted that we should still recognize and celebrate a season champion and do so at our annual Owner/Driver Meeting. So, the plan changed from November to October at which time we will celebrate Steve Stout of Acme Racing and Trent Stephens with a smaller group, safely distancing and following COVID-19 social gathering protocols.

Jeff Lickfelt is our Race Director.  But another very important role Jeff plays in the Supermodified world, is that he is the “Stat Man” and he does one mighty fine job!  So let us present Trent’s impressive Supermodified racing career with the help of Jeff Lickfelt.      

Combining the "Ohio" lists together (meaning, MSA+MSS), Trent has had:

   - "Fast Time" (top qualifier) 18 times

   - 22 Heat wins

   - 22 Feature Wins .... (13 Sandusky, 3 Lorain County, 2 Toledo, and one each at Oswego, Midvale, Flat Rock, and Motordrome)

Considering ISMA in the mix, Trent has 25 total feature wins (the 3 ISMA wins being 2015 Sandusky Fast 40, July 2016 at Oswego, and the 2017 Lancaster race).

This means the distribution of Trent's 25 wins (MSA+MSS+ISMA) were ... 14 Sandusky, 3 Lorain County, 2 Toledo, 2 Oswego, and one each at Midvale, Lancaster, Flat Rock, and Motordrome.

All wins except one (24 out of 25) came in the Steve Stout/ACME Racing #19 ... the lone win not with ACME Racing was the last ever MSA Race in Sept 2017 at Sandusky, which he won filling in for his brother Talon in Talon's #30.

Trent was MSA Champion 4-years in a row ... 2011-2012-2013-2014.

   - ACME Racing then ran ISMA in 2015-16-17.

Trent currently has overall lap speed records at two tracks and supermodified records at another two:

   - Midvale Speedway (Ohio) = 11.865 (overall track record)

   - Motordrome Speedway (Pennsylvania) = 15.332 (overall track record)

   - Flat Rock Speedway (Michigan) = 10.449 (supermodified record, but not overall track record)

   - Auto City Speedway (Michigan) = 13.099 (supermodified record, but not overall track record)

Quite an impressive record for our 2020 Champion Trent Stephens #19 of the Steve Stout/Acme Racing Team.  WELL DONE!

Our Social Media team will be celebrating our Champion with Fans and Sponsors with a “virtual” celebration via Facebook sometime in October.  The key to 2020 is and will continue to be flexibility!

We thank everyone for your 2020 support and helping us to celebrate our 2020 MSS Champion!


2020, where do we even begin other than to say can it be over!  Never again should we take advantage of waking up on a Saturday morning and heading out for a day of racing.  We will one day talk about the year 2020 and the year many race tracks were not able to open, or open at half capacity all the while wearing a mask and social distancing to not being able to race with our Canadian friends. The sport and hobby we have taken for granted all these many years hopefully in 2021 will not be taken for granted.  Hopefully will be a year, where all of those race cars sitting in garages collecting dust, those race fans talking about heading to the race track will get out and support their local track, the racing friendships made along the way will be more appreciated, the annual racing events supported even greater and all the while racing will not be taken for granted.  

MSS would like to take a moment and reflect.  Not the year of racing any of us would have liked, but we made the best of a nearly impossible situation.  We still had GREAT supporters such as our Series Sponsors CMC Trucking and Perfection Fabricators along with all of our T-Shirt Sponsors; Raymond J. Schaeffer, Inc. Cowboyz Chrome Big Rig Shop, Edwards Mobile Mower Repair, Smith’s Top Notch, RAM Engineering, Morris Auto Service, Adkins Glass, Level Performance, Collins Custom Countertops, SteelPlate Akron, Frank May Garage, FKN Performance and Precision Welding.  All of these sponsors support will go to the Owner’s $10,000 Point Fund. THANK YOU on behalf of all of our car owners.

Longtime Supermodified Supporters Randall, Courtney and Spencer Adkins of Adkins Glass for their bike donations again this year.  Many of you may not know this, but due to COVID bikes were very hard to come by.  Families are making purchases for items that can be done at home or with the family.  Let’s just say trying to buy a bike has not been the easiest task to get accomplished this year but they managed to “get r done!”  The Hollifield Family in honor of their Grandpa Buck, Dad Jay and Mom Linda $200 Halfway Feature Bonus for these last two years and Dennis and Randy Nader with Precision Welding (Team #64) have been on board supporting MSS since the beginning with Heat Top 3 Finishers cash bonus and other financial support along the way.  Nader brothers saying, we don’t have the time to help run the series so it makes us feel better if we can support in some other way.

Our T-Shirt Program would not have been possible without Rich Reid and Kate Lepley.  Tireless efforts with this program from getting sponsors, designing shirts, working with T-Shirt Vendor and getting t-shirts to/from the track!  Then we have Larry Morris of Morris Auto Service in Elkhart, IN who graciously donated the MSS T-Shirt Wagon for our star sellers Cindy McVetta and Kate Lepley along with their assistants Macy Paller and Stella McVetta.  Just a really cool feeling to walk around a race track and see all the MSS Shirts.  Thanks to all of you who purchased one!

The “voice” of MSS, Bob Neubauer.  Fifty years promoting and devoting his time to the world of racing.  MSS has been lucky enough to have him three of those years and our fans have come to recognize this voice and his promoting and educating the fans on our type of racing.  We all leave the track learning just a bit more than when we entered the race track that day.  Thank you Bob, you are a true professional and here’s to many more years.

The MSS Officials take charge on race day from beginning to end and race day could not go on without them.  Jeff Lickfelt-Race Director, competent and knowledgeable.  Dawna Lickfelt-Asst. Race Director, Jeff’s right hand person.  Denny Watson, our Technical Inspector who recently underwent knee replacement surgery.  We wish Denny well with a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming him back in 2021.  Last but not least David May the Pit Steward.  This is David’s first year not fielding a car, but he brought the “car owner” mentality to his new role and we all benefited from his experience.

Next up and the group that keeps the fans and drivers connected our Social Media Team; Jim Davidson-Photographer/Webmaster,  Tim Church, Kevin and Zach Sears- Facebook, MSS Live, and Children’s Programs.  These are “doing what it takes” kind of guy’s.  Kevin Sears stepped up using his own personal radios (and purchasing a few more) to support MSS with official radios when the series radios were stolen. The MSS “Live” equipment is also Kevin’s which he graciously lets us use.  Kevin takes full responsibility for Junior Grand Marshall Program from ordering Junior Flag Sets to the plaque given to one lucky child at our races.  Jim and Zach stepped up and helped fill the void of Denny Watson during our last race by helping David in the pits.  Bob’s son Doug went on to fill another role in racing as a Race Director in another series, Tim took his role on with the front stretch podium finish interviews. This is a roll your sleeves up kind of group and MSS is very lucky to have each and every one of them.  Because even with all of that, they ask for nothing, doing it for the love of the sport.  True dedicated longtime fans and supporters right there!

Now our owners, if it were not for these people obviously there would be no series.  We don’t give this group nearly enough credit for what they do.  These individuals spend tireless amount of hours in the shop to bring these winged warriors to the track.  They do it for the love of racing.  Perhaps they do it, because their Dad’s did it.  We were able to witness on August 15th the #36 Henes piloted by a third generation JJ Henes. This #36 has been missed these last few years, so we were thrilled to have them back at the track with us.  But whatever the reasons, we are so happy that you dedicate your time and resources to bringing your car to the track.  Which makes two car owner teams that much more impressive.  Kudos to Steve Stout Acme Racing and Mike McVetta McVetta Racing for fielding two cars.  In today’s racing climate, that is no small task.

Which brings me to car count.  Would we like to bring a full field of cars to the race track every time we race, absolutely.  But is it realistic, no.  The days of full fields and consi’s are gone with supermodified racing, for now.  These unique cars are a one of a kind race car.  The individuals that take on this challenge are also unique and should be appreciated if and when they do bring their car to the track.  Our wish for the 2021 season are many; race tracks survive 2020, car owners that own a supermodified either bring your car to the track or find someone that will and lastly that supermodified fans will find it in their heart to accept and appreciate the cars that do make their way to the track on race day.

Congratulations again to our 2020 MSS Champion Trent Stephens with Acme Racing Car Owner Steve Stout.  These two are no strangers to the “Champion” status.   MSS is very lucky to have so many talented drivers, three seasons and three different champions!


Congratulations to Saturday’s night Feature Winner at Lorain Raceway Park; Rich Reid #55, Fast Qualifier Otto Sitterly #7 and last but not least our 2020 MSS Season Champion #19 Trent Stephens!  Well-deserved each and every one of them!  Lot’s of smiles and not so much social distancing going on with celebrating and congratulations.

Special thanks to each of the following for your support with this event.

Jim and Nancy Hanks, Must See Racing – Promoters for this event.  Thank you for including us on your race schedule. We enjoyed working with all of you, very professional and well run event.

The Maggio Family – Lorain Raceway Park Owners for hosting this event.  First time at the track and very impressed with all of the improvements, your staff and your dedication to making a race day the very best it can be!

Hollifield Family in Memory of their Grandfather Buck, Dad Jay and Mom Linda with our Feature Halfway $200 Bonus (winner #55 Rich Reid)

Adkins Glass (and family) for the bikes donation (two of them)!

Precision Welding (Dennis and Randy Nader) Cash for Heat Finish Top 5 Heat Finish Winners ($50, $40, $30, $20 and $10).

Bob Zirzow #EveryCarCounts $120 Courtesy of Supermodified Facebook Group to Rich Reid #55.

4th Turn Crazies for the Hard Charger Award $50 to #19 Trent Stephens and #7 Otto Sitterly.

Pete Smith and Family for the $100 Fast Qualifier to #7 Otto Sitterly and also $100 Last Car Running to #OZ donations.

BIG thanks to those teams and fans supporting racing action on Saturday, August 15 and these sponsors! This was MSS’s last event of the season. 

We thank our series Sponsors CMC Trucking and Perfection Fabricators, all of our T-Shirt sponsors, you fans, all the car owners and especially the tracks and track promoters for your support this past season.  We want to put 2020 in the rearview mirror and look towards the 2021 season now!

There is still plenty racing action left this season.  Get out and support your local race tracks, THEY NEED YOU!


Reid Wins First MSS Feature; Stephens Wins First MSS Championship

   Rich Reid has been searching for his first MSS win for three years.  He has always been fast, but it just seemed like luck was never on his side.  But last night, that finally changed.  Rich piloted the Bodnar built 55 to victory lane at Lorain Raceway Park for his first career MSS feature win.

   The field was led to the green flag by the 88 of Jonathon Lesiecki and the 81 of Denny Fisher.  As the green flag came out the 81 took the early lead as the 88 dropped back to sixth.  Racing was slowed when the yellow came out on lap two for the defending champion, Danny Shirey as he came to a stop at the top of turn four.  The field was brought to a stop to clean up the oil dropped by the 72 and was done for the night.  Both the 88 and the 19 went back to the pits for adjustments, they would both return.  

   As the green flag would come out again the top five wereFisher, Reid, Paller, McVetta, and Sitterly.  On the restart, Reid made a bid for the top spot but the yellow would come out to slow the action.  Jim Paller would come to a stop at the exit of turn two.  He would be pushed back to the pit area and would return to the track to start at the tail of the field.

   Once again the green flag would fly and this time Rich would not be denied as he would get around the 81 and into the lead.  Sitterly would make some quick moves and would find himself in second chasing the 55.  Mike McVetta was also on the move trying to secure a second MSS championship moved up to third.  But, once again the yellow would come out.  This time for the 39 of Jason Wells as he would spin in turn three, he would be restarted and rejoin the field.  

   The top five now was Reid, Sitterly, McVetta, Fisher, and Stephens.  Trent would move around Fisher to take fourth place.  Meanwhile, out front the 55 was increasing his lead. But, as Reid closed in on lapped traffic it appeared that the 7 was slowly closing in, but the yellow would come out once again, this time for the 22 of Mike McVetta.  There was contact between the 22 and the 36 of JJ Henes and McVetta would have to be taken back to the pits to change the left front tire and the front wing.  The 36 would also go to the pits but Henes would not return.  

   With 13 laps to go, Reid would go back to work in putting distance between himself and the rest of the field.  But the yellow would come out once again as the Bingo 5 would slide off of turns three and four.  The driver of the 5, Kevin Feeney was ok but the car was taken back to the pits, done for the night.  Mike McVetta would also take his car to the pits but he would return.

   With ten laps to go the green would come out and Rich Reid would take off once again with Otto Sitterly still in second.  The 7 would not be able to catch the high flying 55 as he would cross the line in first with Otto Sitterly in second, and the 19 of Trent Stephens would finish in third clinching the 2020 MSS Championship.

   In victory lane, there was a very happy and very emotional Rich Reid.  The cautions were kind of helping because the car after about four or five laps the car would get crazy tight.  You know, this started a couple of years ago in Jim Bodnar’s garage, and I just gotta thank him for this one.”

   Second place finisher, Otto Sitterly, had this to say about his run.  “It was good, congratulations to Rich Reid.  It was a long time coming, good guy I just got to know him this year.  Nice guy and he ran a great race.  I guess his car did too, but we just got real tight at the end.  I thought we might have something for him at the mid-stages, but the last ten laps it just tightened right up. I want to thank all of the fans that came out.

   The 2020 champion was very happy about his race.  “It feels good, I guess we only had three races and we had some luck play our way but an average finish of second is not too bad.  We took the green and I was behind everybody and I was just sideways.  Start of a race that’s not very good, so that red flag kind of, we might as well try something we got nothing to lose.  So we tightened the car up and it definitely helped the first stages of the race it got me back up to the front pretty quick.  I think we might have gone a little too far, it got a little tight towards the end.”

Fast Qualifier: Otto Sitterly- 12.095

Heat One: 1. Jim Paller (64), 2. Rich Reid (55), 3. Jonathon Lesiecki 4. JJ Henes (36) 5. Cord Ehrhart (0z) DNF Danny Shirey (72)

Heat Two: 1. Mike McVetta (22), 2. Otto Sitterly (7), 3. Trent Stephens (19), 4. Kevin Feeney (5), 5. Denny Fisher (81), 6.Jason Wells (39)

Feature: 1. Rich Reid (55), 2. Otto Sitterly (7), 3. Trent Stephens (19), 4. Jim Paller (64) 5. Mike McVetta (22), 6. Denny Fisher (81), 7. Jonathon Lesiecki (88), 8. Cord Ehrhart (0z), 9. Kevin Feeney (5), 10. JJ Henes (36), 11. Jason Wells (39), 12. Danny Shirey (72)


Unfortunately, the Supermodified portion of the September 19th Fall Brawl event is being canceled by the Promoter.  We would like to thank the West Coast Cars for working with us this past Winter on a rule package compromise.  We were really looking forward to meeting/seeing all of you and putting on this show for the fans.

2020 certainly has been a year to remember in more ways than one.  Let’s just move on to 2021 and call it a day.

Looks like this Saturday, August 15th our race at Lorain Raceway Park will be the final race for MSS this 2020 season.


Honorable Mentions & Special Thanks!

MSS would like to give our honorable mentions and special thanks!   We are GRATEFUL to have such a great racing community and want to give a SHOUT OUT to...

Congratulations to Saturday’s night Feature Winner at Sandusky Speedway Trent Stephens #19 and DJ Shullick #49 Fast Qualifier. Way to go Acme Racing and Steve Stout!

Special thanks to each of the following for your support with this event.

Kevin and Bev Jaycox – Track Owners for putting MSS on your schedule!

Chris Mize and Doug Dock – Sandusky Management behind the scenes for keeping the race day on schedule.  We appreciate a timely end to our day!

Hollifield Family in Memory of their Grandfather Buck, Dad Jay and Mom Linda with our Feature Halfway $200 Bonus (winner #19 Trent Stephens)

Adkins Glass (and family) for the bike donation! 

Precision Welding (Dennis and Randy Nader) Cash for Heat Finish Top 3 Heat Finish Winners

4th Turn Crazies for the Hard Charger Award $50 to #55 Rich Reid and $50 to #49 DJ Shullick.

Lap 11 In Memory of Jack Houseworth $100 to #19 Trent Stephens – Courtesy of Dick Houseworth

One Dozen Roses Donation – Courtesy of Randy and Carol of Flowerama Sandusky - #22 Mike McVetta

$50 to Team Traveling the Farthest – Courtesy of Randy and Carol of Flowerama Sandusky went to Aric Iosue #75 Oswego, NY. (Thanks Aric and family for making the trip!)

BIG thanks to those teams and fans supporting racing action on Saturday, July 4th!  Our next race is Saturday July 18th at Lorain Raceway Park.  We hope to see you there!


Supermodifieds were finally able to get the race season started with an event at Lucas Oil Raceway this past weekend. Congratulations to #22 Mike McVetta on your victory and also being Fast Qualifier @ 18.289 ... well done Team McVetta!

Special thanks to each of the following for your support with this event.
Mike Moore – Promoter for this very well run event and for including supermodifieds on your program.
Jim Hanks – Owner of Must See Racing for all of your support with helping to make the race weekend run as smoothly as possible, you have a great support staff!
Jeff West Owner #1 for all if his efforts in securing additional sponsorship so that we could get to $3500 to win and $1000 to start.
ISMA / Doc Hathaway for your contribution of a Hoosier Right Rear tire (winner #55 Rich Reid)
Hollifield Family in Memory of their Grandfather Buck, Dad Jay and Mom Linda with our Feature Halfway $200 Bonus (winner #22 Mike McVetta)
Adkins Glass (and family) for the bike donations! MSS received a very nice thank you from the Smith Family who was one of the bike recipients.
4th Turn Crazies for the Hard Charger Award (winner #22 Mike McVetta)

BIG thanks to those teams supporting the supermodified opener and for those fans attending “live” or watching with Pay-Per-View…both are appreciated!

Our next race is Saturday July 4th at Sandusky Speedway. We hope to see you there!